rcnaz connect groups

Several Connect Groups meet throughout the week at RCnaz. We encourage you to find a Connect Group that will meet your schedule and needs from the list below:
Sundays weekly
  • (9:15am) Connect Sunday  - led by Bob Jacobs, “Lessons from the Kings of Judah”, open to all (Family Room B)
  • (9:15am) Connect Sunday  - led by Peter Strom, open to all, studying book “God Has a Name” (Family Room C)
  • (4pm) Connect Young Families  - led by Mallory DeMerell, childcare and dinner provided (RCnaz)
  • (5:30-7pm) Connect Parents -  open to all parents, Bob Goff “Undistracted” DVD Series, dinner provided (Family Room A)
  • (5:30-7pm) Connect Velocity -  led by Pastor Joe, 7-12th Grade - (Teen Room)

Sundays monthly (October 15, November 12, and December 3)
  • (5:30-7pm) Connect Wesley Cell - led by Cheryl Kelly, open to all  (Family Room) 

  • (weekly at 6pm) Love Does Connect - led by Barb Frahm, open to all - reading "Hinds Feet in High Places", (Home of Pastor Joe & Molly Lee)
  • (bi-monthly at 10am) Women's Prayer Connect (Sept. 18, October 2 & 16)  - led by Sue Houpt (Solid Rock Classroom)

Wednesdays weekly
  • (6-8pm) Connect "20-Somethings" - led by Linda DeMott - dinner provided (DeMott's Home)
  • (7pm) Connect Men's Bible Study - led by Jerry McInnis, open to all men (Family Room)
  • (7pm) Connect Ladies Praise & Prayer - led by Teresa Kingsbury, open to all ladies, prayer & praises for the needs of the church family (Solid Rock Classroom)

Thursdays weekly
  • (7am) Men's Coffee Connect - led by Pastor Chris & Chad Saxton, open to all men, informal table talk (The Bridge Coffee Shop)
Each connect group is unique, choosing their own curriculum, where they gather and how they share leadership responsibilities (some of them even eat together each time they gather!). If you would like more information about a specific Connect Group, complete the form below or contact the church office at (231) 832-5871.